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Hemodialysis is a procedure where blood filtration is performed by using an artificial kidney able to exchange substances and toxins by diffusion between a dialysate and the dialysis patient’s blood. The duration of each dialysis session is approximately 4 hours long, and should be repeated not less than 3 times a week for each patient. This process requires a huge amount of purified water with specific properties, hence the reason why water is aware of such critical importance in hemodialysis. One of the biggest challenges facing hemodialysis in developing countries is providing sanitized water with the required amount and specifications based on international standards (ISO 23500, US Pharmacopeia) for hospitals considering the unstable conditions of resources in these countries.

TDF Co. a developer of medical water treatment systems with not less than 15 years of experience and researches in this field, being the first company to introduce hemodialysis water standards in Iran, is ready to provide and manufacture medical water systems based on your facility’s inputs designed by our specialized research & development team members.

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